Tuesday 15 January 2019

Golden 45 DKT questions coming in your dkt test

 Practise Point

I always wonder how can I pass my DKT test in first attempt. when I go to rms site, I find so many questions. Its really difficult to learn and remember all of them. I was looking for a good website. Recently, I found one i.e. Practise Point  . 

This site covers all topic wise questions with short quiz which covers all DKT questions and answers. Its really easy to practise small and short quizes. 

On the other hand, it has one full quiz covering all questions so that you don't miss any single question before going to your actual dkt test.

Finally, it has 6 full dkt practise test, which covers your golden 45 DKT questions. I practised all of them. I cleared my DKT test in first attempt. All of my questions came from Practise Point website. 

Friday 26 October 2018

Free NSW DKT Practise Test

I just got my full Austalian driving license and believe me, it wasn't that easy. While preparing, I was thinking to have one website where I can find all recourse under one umbrella. I recently get one, Practise Point 


To make your journey easy, I have planned to provide you all the information so that you can utilize it at fullest. It has many free short practise test which helps to get full marks in driving knowledge test i.e. dkt test. 

I will provide you all test links so that you can practise as much as you can. 

It has short practise tests which saves time. Now we don't need to pause the test in between. Further, it helps to get all right answer in result page. It makes easy to revise all questions at one place.

You can start your car dkt practice with very first test, click here to begin.